5th September 2015

Cleaning Up Your Drivechain

Our Valentine cranks are a sure way to clean up your drivechain, hollow spindle with heat treated 4130 arms. Available in black or chrome. Here they […]
25th September 2015

Hitchhiker BMX Hub // Switch From Freecoaster To Cassette

We get quite a few emails about how the Vocal Hitchhiker Freecoaster / cassette hub works. This is one of the only hubs you can run […]
7th October 2015

Native Tee’s

Vocal Native tee , black or white
19th October 2015

Vocal Capital Fork

Vocal Capital fork 10mm Investment cast fork dropout which tapers from 6mm to a 10mm at the leg. This makes it one of the thickest on […]
27th November 2015

Brock Horneman Fresh New Parts

That feeling when you get a fresh part, just make sure it’s vocal!
3rd December 2015

Pride of Place

Our ‘Flathead’ stem taking pride of place on Brock Horneman ‘s bike, super clean look with no bolts sticking out anywhere or unnecessary holes.
7th December 2015

What a line up

Man, what a line up…
15th December 2015

Jackhammer Seat

Our ‘Jackhammer’ seat still looking great after two years of use, hardwearing plastic bumpers mean that this seat wont wear out on you anytime soon.
1st January 2016

Vocal Straight Rims Lookin’ Great

Our Vault straight rim looks great built up, who has a vocal wheel build?
11th January 2016

Vocal Set

Oh my, @alfbmx has a very vocal set and damn, does it look clean. Valentine cranks, Capital forks, Aero rims, the lot! Thoughts?