Ashley Douglas
11th February 2016

Questions and Answers

Name: Jack Clark

Location: Essex, UK

How long have you been riding and how did you get started?: Em I think about 7 years maybe more and I just started with friends at school, was never the most popular sport to do in school haha but I was Addicted! Haha.

Where do you ride most often?: My local parks are: Canvey, legacy and rom I recon, but I ride all over the place coz I love it!

Who or what has influenced your riding the most?: Em I’m not too sure really, but I think seeing what other people can accomplish pushes me more and being off my bike.
Do you have a favourite Vocal part and why?: My jack the hammer seat! Coz it’s mine haha and soft .

When you’re not riding what do you like to do?: Hang out with mates, party! I Duno haha I ride alot!

What’s your favourite BMX moment of 2013?: I’m just going to say its that I’m still riding an having a blast!

Anything else to say?: Keep riding, having fun! Buy my hammer seat. Thanks to Vocal BMX and all my sponsors for the support. Thank you followers for following! Cheeers .