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21st December 2016
Thomas Carrott – Vocal BMX // BMX Avenue
12th April 2017

Harry Main Leaves Vocal BMX

2016 has been a fantastic year for us and we’ve had a great deal of fun, between trips, new product and good times. One of highlights of 2016 was having Harry Main join Vocal and subsequently, become part of the crew.

Moving forward and looking to 2017, Harry will no longer be part of the Vocal team. Other commitments have taken hold and we’ll be heading in separate directions. No bad blood, no fallouts, just a change in direction.

A massive thank you to Harry for joining us this past year, it’s been a fantastic period and we only look to celebrate everything we’ve achieved.

Here’s some of the best parts of Harry’s time with us in 2016.

Thanks everyone! Here’s to 2017