27th October 2015

Custom Riders GoPro RideUK Shop Battle

Customs just smashed out their edit for the GoPro Ride UK BMX shop battle, it’s a banger! So sick to see the whole team flowing about
6th November 2015

Who runs our die cut vocal stickers?

Who runs our die cut vocal stickers?
10th November 2015

Capital Forks & Black Titanium Spokes

Capital forks looking so good alongside our black titanium spokes. Chris Nicol BMX bike is beyond dialled
25th December 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas from Vocal BMX, Here’s to 2016.
11th January 2016

Vocal Set

Oh my, @alfbmx has a very vocal set and damn, does it look clean. Valentine cranks, Capital forks, Aero rims, the lot! Thoughts?
15th January 2016

Re-upholstered Seat

@alfbmx re-upholstered our seat in brown leather and it looks amazing! What do you think?
19th February 2016

Now that’s a delivery!

Now THAT’S a delivery via Elite BMX Shop #bmx #vocalbmx
26th February 2016


Spot Harry Main Fan Page #bmx #vocalbmx
14th March 2016

What do you think?

Brad Gloede is running our ‘Abyss’ bars and rainbow spokes. What do you think? Lovely bike! #Bmx#vocalbmx
17th March 2016


Not only does @alfiebluebmx have an incredible looking bike, but he’s running our bars and a specially re upholstered ( in lovely brown leather ) seat. […]